September 22, 2022
Illustrator / After Effects

The amazing agency VSC hired me to assist in the production of a video for their client, Bedrock. Bedrock is an ocean-safe deep sea exploration and mapping company. They had hired VSC to create a video explaining their vision. VSC had received the initial assets of 3D concepts from the client, but needed specific 2D work to communicate their software and how the scan worked.

I was given blank footage of the ocean floor, and asked to create a realistic overlay of a scan of the ocean bottom. They also wanted to see some tags to call out "steel pipe" and "shifting Dune area".

Reference Frame for the mesh grid

I created a graphic of lines in a grid using the Bedrock branded colors, and used a displacement map to warp the lines. I used a black and white still frame of the ocean floor as the luminance map for the displacement, creating that realistic look. From there, I used masks to reveal the grid in a moving fashion.

I was given the task of animating the icons of the different features on the Bedrock deep sea submarines. I subdivided the layers in Illustrator, and animated them in After Effects.

animation of multibeam echo sonar
animation of sidescan sonar icon
Sidescan Sonar icon animation